Hello Beautiful!  Welcome to my ‘About’ Page!

jan-deelstraFirst and foremost, thanks for showing up. It’s important to “show up.”
Welcome to my ABOUT Page, where I can safely assume you’ve come to check me out, and learn more about what goes on here.

These personal about pages, I admit, are a bit of a mind-wrestling experience as I struggle with what, exactly, you want to know about me…. So let’s start with this:

From the one-on-one coaching, to the feminine empowerment groups I facilitate, to the international best-selling, award-winning transformational books I write, to the business coaches I train, women’s empowerment thru self-esteem, confidence, and self-love is the focus.

Since 1984, women globally, have experienced profound, permanent, transformative shifts as a result of investing in life-changing services and products, and more accurately, as a result of investing in themselves.

Over the course of decades, my clients have included women from all walks of life, including celebrity “A” listers to pre-teen mothers on welfare and everywhere in between. The demographics of my reach are nothing short of extraordinary! And yet, there is common thread in every single woman I work with….

That common thread, is self-love. So many women have an inner gnawing of not being “good enough.” Self-esteem is an issue for even the most culturally aesthetically beautiful women. And when each woman discovers that she does have worth, that she does matter, that she is deserving, that she can create the life she desires and deserves, the transformation is beautiful!

As a result of her investment, each client receives an over-flowing self-love toolkit. Their guide has pioneered the path in advance. I am that guide, Jan Deelstra, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Consultant, and International Best-Selling Transformational Author of several books.
I am a master life coach with expert professional training in gestalt group facilitation, life coaching, and business and personal mentorship.
I am also a certified hypnotherapist, a certified NLP practitioner, certified in Law of Attraction (LOA), and specializing in breaking through inner blocks to success and fulfillment.

With a unique background in spirituality, sociocultural and women’s issues, and an innate passion to globally fuel each woman’s full-winged experience of living fully, my calling is to help you emerge into the beautiful empowered goddess you were born to be.

My primary tenet is that transformation need not take years. Click To Tweet

Transformation Happens in a Single Moment.

A feminist by circumstances, and a 5th generation Utah pioneer now happily residing in beautiful San Diego, California,
I offer you the tools to empower yourself in every area of your life.
You too can experience an abundance satiated life.
All you have to do, is connect. And when you connect with me, I will show you how to connect with that inner goddess who has awaited this awakening for many decades….

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Prioritizing the facets of myself as much as I can without overwhelming you, here is the short list of 14 bullet points about me.
(If you truly want to know more about me, scroll to the page bottom for a second detailed link.)

  • I am a women’s empowerment consultant and business & life coach for women.
  • My effective coaching approach is to empower you to live your best life possible.
  • I am a transformational award-winning author of several books.
  • I am a best-selling author.
  • I have been in the transformational self-help field since the mid-eighties.
  • My spiritual quest began following my brother’s unexplained death at age 22 (I was 24).
  • I passionately promote feminine power principles & women’s empowerment.
  • I became a single parent of three children under the age of four when I was 23.
  • I worked ‘traditional’ men’s jobs in order to level the financial playing field.
  • I began as a shy, insecure, and self-conscious young woman.
  • I found my wings through self-awareness, self-esteem, and stretched boundaries.
  • I was the owner/sole proprietress of Salt Lake City’s first ‘Angel Store’.
  • I know intimately, the deep love and pain experience of losing a child.
  • I worked in human services for over ten years, empowering diverse female demographics.
  • In various capacities, I’ve been a women’s empowerment life coach for 3 decades.

But here’s what I think:
It’s not really about me.
It’s about you.

I don’t think you really care which charities I favor with my tithes, or how many certificates and degrees I’ve earned, or that I’m mostly vegetarian, or that I adore a robust, chocolate-woven berry-based Merlot or Pinot Noir wine, or even how the frequently nefarious events of my beginnings form the very foundation that supports my women’s transformational empowerment business.

What I do believe, is that you want to know what makes me the best life coach to guide you into YOUR feminine empowerment. You, I’m surmising, are most interested in the “YOU BENEFIT” of what I provide…and so, allow me to break it down a bit:

My women’s empowerment formula is a highly effective, rapid-results getting, well-stirred blend of what I refer to as the ‘feminine empowerment perspective’ mixed with enlightened spirituality (NOT religious dogma), and with hefty scoops of energy circulation exercises, and constant self-awareness expansion, and doubtless pinches of logic and reasoning.

Did you get all that? Try this one:

Blending feminine energies of receptivity, collaboration with others, and heart-felt authentic services designed to enhance and empower each woman to reach towards her greatest potential is the core, and is why this site was created.

My passionate purpose is to give you the virtual safe place to explore your feminine power.
It is to encourage you to give yourself permission to really take that inner evolutionary journey of self-awareness discovery, and in the larger picture, to simultaneously spread limitless positive ripples outward into the Universe.

You are my ideal client, if you are a woman, and…

  • you have some life beneath your high-heels
  • you are somewhat spiritually evolved with the understanding that you are still evolving
  • you read more than bodice-rippers
  • you are a fan of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle
  • to ensure you’re in touch with the magical characteristic of laughter and play, you’ve also spent time playing in SARK’s playground
  • you have a select circle of quality friends, kindred in your values
  • or, you’re open to attracting that level sphere of friends
  • you are craving a stronger connection with your spirit and your guides
  • you have begun to practice self-care rituals such as meditation and nature walks for reflection
  • you’re learning to appreciate ‘me’ time without fear of the silence
  • you express, or are open to expressing your emotions creatively through various mediums such as painting, dance, or writing

… and to be honest here, I am a HUGE fan of journaling as a tool for expansive self-awareness so if you journal, that habit earns bonus points in my book!
And finally, although you may not always eat right, and at times you may even partake of the nectars a bit more than you believe is healthy, for the most part you are beginning to be acutely aware of what you put into your body; you may still have the occasional cheese burger, but these days it’s an annual indulgence and not a mindless habit.

In other words: You’re becoming self-aware…
(and that’s a very good thing!)

In essence, I’m hoping that a short paragraph provides a clear enough description of our similarities, and our shared matters of importance. Like I said at the beginning, it’s a true challenge to balance the amount of information I provide to be a match with your attention span, not to mention simply remaining authentic to my voice, and respecting your time and life experience.

With all that said, I want to share just a couple of more things that I believe are relevant:

It’s important to realize from the very outset that “owning your power” will in no way diminish your femininity, unless you want it to.

On more than one occasion, I have been told that I am, “the embodiment of the empowered feminine spirit.” It seemed to be a heavy label to carry, but in retrospect I understand that it’s meant as a complement because I survived challenges and converted many obstacles, gaining personal empowerment from the experiences while still remaining aesthetically feminine. It is in this spirit of beautiful transformational evolution that I was so attracted to the metamorphosis of the butterfly as the metaphor for my offerings. The butterfly MUST struggle to break free of the cocoon that once held her so tightly. Click To Tweet
The escape from the chrysalis forces fluid into her wings that would otherwise not gain the strength necessary for her to fly.
But in the end, when she does breakthrough, her beauty is natural magnificence.
And so it is true of every woman, including you…. When you identify your strengths and embrace your wings, you are an authentic natural beauty. Click To Tweet

Privilege of a lifetime

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

It’s Really All ABOUT You!

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