The Self-Loving Mother s Handbook COVER
Mothers are famous for putting everyone ahead of their needs, which means moms are frequently stressed and out-of-balance. The Self-Loving Mother set is designed to empower anyone feeling out of alignment.
The set consists of:
The Self-Loving Mother ebook
The Self-Love for Mothers video
The Self-Loving Mother audio MP3
all for only $27. Sweet deal, ehh?

You know in your heart, that when you are not feeling a sense of balance, when you give too much to others, and not enough care to yourself, your chances of either getting sick (when your body demands a break) or having an emotional meltdown.
The Self-Loving Mother set shows you where you can better care for yourself and for your loved ones, with only a few minor tweaks to your daily rituals. And when you’re in balance, everyone benefits….