Unlimited Referral Rewards

Did you know that Winged-Women™ will pay you up to $2500 for appropriate referrals?
And it’s a rinse and repeat process you can get paid on any time you make an appropriate referral to a Winged-Women™ service?
The sky’s the limit!

What will you do with an extra fifty and up to two-thousand five-hundred dollars or MORE??

  • Take a vacation?
  • Go to a spa and get that much needed pampering?
  • Buy some new threads?
  • Redecorate your bedroom?
  • Update your software/hardware?
  • Donate it to your favored charity?
  • Start a business?
  • Plant it in a retirement fund?
  • Buy that pony you’ve had your eye on since you were a kid?

So, what exactly is an “appropriate referral”?

  • An appropriate referral is first and foremost, a woman who has values aligned with the essence of the Winged-Women™ philosophy of self-love, kindness, and global betterment through compassion and self-awareness.
  • She is a woman who is decidedly interested in claiming her life through introspective self-love tools provided by Winged-WomenBusiness and Life Coaching services and products.
  • She must pass the screening process required prior to acceptance into Winged-Women™ services.
  • She may participate in either Winged-WomenLife Coaching or Winged-WomenBusiness Coaching services.
  • She must be accepted into a full-pay Winged-Women™ service.
  • She must fully participate for the full-term of services enrolled.

That’s the gist, now here’s the bigger picture of how it works:

You make a referral, and she passes the screening process and enrolls in a coaching service. You will receive a payment based on the value of the service in which she enrolls.

As example, your referral is accepted into a full-pay six-month Winged-WomenLife Coaching commitment, and you bank $600.

Or, your referral is accepted into a full-pay twelve-month Winged-WomenBusiness Coaching commitment, and you bank $1000.

It’s a simple process.

Here’s the current breakdown of referral fees paid out:

  • Emotional Transformative Release pays $50
  • 30 Day Breakthrough pays $100
  • VIP Day Participation pays $150
  • Winged-WomenLife Coaching service pays $600
  • Winged-WomenBusiness Coaching service pays $1000
  • Platinum Elite Coaching service pays $2500

Q & A:

  1. Q) How many referrals can I make?
    A) There is no limit to the number of appropriate referrals you can make. The sky truly is the limit (which is, in case you haven’t noticed, why an airplane is flying in the background of this page).
  2. Q) How long does it take to get paid?
    A) It depends on how long the payments for services lasts. Generally, you will receive payment within 30 days of when the fee for service is paid in full. In some cases, a service is paid in increments, in which case you would receive 10% of the recurring payments, paid to you within 30 days of when the fees are paid.
  3. Q) Can I just take the amount off the top of a service and enroll myself?
    A) Yes, you can pocket the referral amount on your own purchased services by contacting us immediately after you have completed a service purchase. See answer #4 for instructions.
  4. Q) How do I make a referral?
    A) There is a handy referral form at the page bottom, or you may use the Concierge tab at the top of any page.
  5. Q) How will I receive payment?
    A) We prefer to pay through the secure PayPal system.
  6. Q) Can I get paid on a discounted service?
    A) No. Referral rewards are paid on full-price purchases only.
  7. Q) What if my friend already enrolled, can I still get paid?
    A) Nope. Sorry. You must make the referral prior to her enrollment in order to get paid.*
  8. Q) Can I forego the referral payment and slide the reward into a service fee?
    A) Sure. You can use your referral payment to purchase anything you choose. It’s money.
  9. Q) Why are you doing this?
    A) Winged-Women™ is rooted in feminine business and power principles of reciprocity, sharing, nurturing, and giving back. Further, we realize the power in circulation of money and abundance. We’re doing our part to circulate the currency of wealth and abundance.
  10. Q) What do I do if I still have unanswered questions?
    A) Reach out to us via the Concierge.

*If you believe you are the source of a referral and have not received the proper credit, contact us through the Concierge form.

Make a referral in the form below:

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Now short of finding pennies in parking lots, isn’t that the easiest cash you’ve ever attracted?!

Thank you!