Queen’s Dozen NEW SAVINGS!

Because there is a Queen inside of you, this fabulously affordable and extremely effective offer is especially meant for you….

The Queens Dozen hasn’t been offered for over a year, and may never again be made available….

It’s limited to 11  5 participants.


Of all the women on the planet, you are here.

And that’s because you can never be where you aren’t meant to show up….

Something brought you here.

My guess is that the Universe is bringing you exactly what you’ve been asking for, and all you have to do is say YES, before the 11 5 spaces are filled.

What is the Queens Dozen?

Let’s consider one thing in your life that has been holding you back….

Got it in mind?

It can be anything that affects any area of your life.

As example, maybe you’ve never been “lucky in love.”

Or maybe you are painfully insecure and afraid to step into your feminine power….

Maybe you’ve longed for more money, more joy, more love, more confidence, more success, more adventure….

Maybe you’re a woman who, from outward appearances, seem to “have it all,” when really, you are feeling like a fraud.
Maybe you’re afraid others will discover that you’re actually not “all that and a bag of chips….”
(And maybe, you’re actually more than you realize!)

Or maybe, you have suffered life-altering loss.
The loss of a child, a loved-one, a life-partner, of valued possessions, of wealth, health, stability, or security.

Loss comes in many flavors.

And loss leaves a residue that once identified, can be released.
Healing this sort of loss leads to a feeling of liberated empowerment that is absolutely life-transforming.

It could be that you are carrying around a heavy load of baggage that has been with you for as long as you can remember….

That’s the typical malady…
and it leads to a different sort of loss.

This type of loss has a direct impact on every area of your life. It results in loss of relationships, of wealth potential, it lowers the happiness threshold, it most often results in loss of the optimal body state, and very clearly, this sort of baggage directly affects health….

Whatever you have stored in your energetic self, it can be transformed into fuel for freedom.
You truly can claim your crown.
You truly can claim your right to reign supreme over your life.

There is nothing in your energetic field that cannot be cleared.
As a mother who has come back from the brink of darkness due to the death of my child, I can attest to this miraculous comeback.

There is NOTHING that cannot be altered to lighten even the heaviest load.

This Queen’s Dozen offers a permanent solution to the myriad issues that women have struggled with since the beginning of time.
Once you receive the tools, you’ll never again need to live beneath the layers of despair, doubt, scarcity, loneliness, or fear….

You’ll never again have to engage false notions of “not enough….”

These notions are old habits, dying to be freed….

There is a queen inside of you, and she’s waiting for permission to claim her rightly deserved status, to reign brilliantly over your life. 

I’m betting this inner queen has been with you for decades!

To grab this rare limited Queen’s Dozen offer for only $1997, click the secure PayPal button below. You will be taken to PayPal, and once your payment is processed, you will arrive on the landing page where you will schedule your first life-changing session! And if you need a payment plan, keep reading…

By the way, at only $1997, you’re getting a $5467 value! You’re paying about 40% by getting in on this bulk package! In other words, you are SAVING about 60% off!

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Remember, there are only 11 5 spaces available at this special pricing!

When they’re gone, they are gone!

Still have questions or need special financing?
Don’t fret!
You can get in on this last call for the Queen’s Dozen for only $197 monthly for 12 10 months using the secure PayPal button below!

Please NOTE: The PayPal button directly above is only for the 12 10 month installment plan.
If you have other needs or questions,  schedule a complimentary call using the button below!

Still unsure? Here are some answers that might help you to feel enough self-love to click the PayPal button:

  • Q. Why me?  

  • A. Since you arrived on this page, I trust the universe wants us to work together to free you from some inner restraints.

  • Q. When does this begin?

  • A. Your Queen’s Dozen journey begins the moment you click the PayPal button and your payment is processed.

  • Q. How many sessions can I complete in a week?

  • A. As per scheduled sessions, you may complete all 11 sessions in a short period or over a longer period. Short term tends to be intensive. In some cases, it is advised that you take a “breather” after a particularly empowering, insightful session.

  • Q. I am busy through the end of the year. How long do I have to complete the series?

  • A. It is requested that your allotted time be scheduled over 90 days, however, in certain circumstances, we can go beyond the 12 month recommendation. The short answer is it’s up to you to decide when to use your Queen’s Dozen.

  • Q. Will I receive any sort of certificate for attending the Queen’s Dozen?

  • No, this is not an accredited class structure, however, it may turn out to be more priceless than an Ivy League degree.

Isn’t it time to stop making excuses, asking questions, and get this life-changing deal?
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