Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. We at Winged-Women™ take your privacy very seriously, and we always have. Our policy is not changing much, because we have always stood firm on not sharing any of your personal information. With that stated, this Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, process, and/or distribute your information, including any Personal Data (as defined below) used to access this Winged-Women™ Website.

Personal Data

Winged-Women™ takes pride in offering a discreet, confidential client experience. We will not share, sell, lease, or trade your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. The use of information collected through our site shall be limited to the purposes as outlined under this Privacy Policy.

Use of any personal information or non-personal information that you provide to us, or which is collected by us on or through our Winged-Women™ Website or its content is strictly governed by this Privacy Policy. By using the Winged-Women™ Website or its content, you are hereby consenting to this Privacy Policy, whether or not you have read it.

Information We MAY Collect

Name: First and/or Last
Email Address
Phone Number
Skype ID
Mailing Address
Country of Residence
Confidential information as supplied during coaching services

Confidentiality Statement

We sometimes publish testimonials on our site. These are unsolicited. If at any time you wish to add a public testimonial to Winged-Women™ for services you have experienced, you may either write and submit in your own words, or request a submission form to do so. Submission of a testimonial is consent to make public your testimonial.

If at any time you wish to remove a testimonial from Winged-Women™ you may do so in writing. In either case, the most expedient means is to send an email to

Email Consent

We at Winged-Women™ take SPAM very seriously. As such, we offer you the option of unsubscribing to any email at the bottom of any correspondence. Simply use the UNSUBSCRIBE feature.

Financial Privacy

We use outside services for e-commerce, including and not limited to PayPal, Stripe, etc., and do not store any personal financial information on our Winged-Women™ website.

Use of “Cookies”

Winged-Women™ may use the standard “cookies” features to ensure your highest experience. We absolutely do not set personally identifiable information in cookies. At your discretion, you may choose to disable cookies through your web browser’s settings.

Notice: Disabling “cookies” function may have an effect of diminishing your experience on the Winged-Women™ Website, making some features inoperable.


We do reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy on the Winged-Women™ Website at any time we deem necessary and/or appropriate without notice. In the event of any material change, we will inform you via email and / or with a prominent notice on this Website.