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“It’s not about the money”
It IS About the Money

Very often I hear clients and prospective clients say “it’s not about the money” when talking about what they want in life.  Some wax poetic about the spirit, and about ways in which to “live simply” and some go on about “living in moderation.”

In short, it’s as if pretending that money doesn’t matter, that living in conditions of scarcity will somehow make everything okay, in the way that if you were to receive awards and recognition for denying yourself the riches that want to come to you, then you would be highly rewarded.

But that’s not how it works. Lack is not a badge of honorMoney Matters.

In all candor, I support moderation in all things, except where money is concerned. And since a large chunk of my clientele are Hollywood stereotypes, it’s become clear through the years that “moderation” has a wide spectrum that is at the core of the ego, the values, and belief systems of even the wealthiest.

In other words, moderation is subjective. What moderation means to you, may be on a completely different level than it would mean to a wealthy Kardashian, as example. And for saints who vow to live in less than moderation (aka poverty) such as Mother Teresa (who earned millions of dollars used to improve the world) the definition of moderation varies vastly from that of the typical person.

From experience, I know that there is far more power to change things, including global conditions, and to live a life of passionate purpose which positively impacts all those who come into your life, and to live a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life when one has the money with which to support a certain level of abundance experiences.

The Dyer Connection

Dr. Wayne Dyer and I had similar childhoods, in that we were both raised in foster homes with faux parents who, in most cases, didn’t even pretend to like us. And what Dr. Dyer and I both took away from that experience is that (in Wayne’s words, paraphrased) you can never get poor enough to help anyone else.

It’s true that poverty never helped anyone, with the exception to that statement, that poverty and scarcity are a wonderful tool when learning by contrast. It shows us exactly what we don’t want so we can create our way out of those less-than-optimal conditions.

Contrast, as it turns out, is a hard task master.

And the older we get, the deeper the roots of what it is that we are called to transmute. Lessons pile one on top of another, until such time that we finally pick up that psychic excavation tool and begin to dig for OUR truths.

We learn lessons about our worthiness and deservingness for “having it all.”

And those lessons were learned long before we understood adult-brained concepts of philanthropy and the power of riches to alter politics.

Here we are, decades later, and we still hold dear, those lessons formed of a child’s perception.

Sit with these questions for a few minutes:

What lessons did you learn either directly or indirectly about money?
What did you learn either directly or indirectly about wealthy people?
What did you learn either directly or indirectly about worthiness?

The thoughts of childhood become your beliefs, and your values.
They are the constant undercurrent of every aspect of your life.

Read that again: The thoughts of childhood become your beliefs, and your values. They are the constant undercurrent of every aspect of your life.

Don’t you think it’s time to look at your beliefs in the light of adult comprehension?

Because of your beliefs, you may be repelling the abundance that seeks to come to you, to support you in following your passionate purpose, that being the reason you are here now in this particular space and time which is referred to as your life.

Three Truths

Truth #1: You are going to die. When I figured this out, it changed everything about procrastination to achievement.
Truth #2: Until that time, it’s important to really live. Few people live by design, but rather by default until they die.
Truth #3: Money Matters. Money can help you to really live.

Because I can reach many more women in a more efficient manner than I do in individual coaching, I have created a quick and effective program to empower women to release anything that gets in the way of abundance.

And when I say abundance, for purposes of this particular Money Matters program, we will be focusing mostly on money.

However, in the bigger picture, once you get your hands on these tools, you can easily use them for allowing abundance of love, happiness, creativity, health, opportunity, and of course, wealth.

Abundance is the flow. And when you learn to un-dam that flow, money, love, opportunities, new ideas and more creativity are allowed to flow freely.

Remember that part earlier when I compared my life to that of Dr Wayne Dyer, and about how we both learned lessons brought through contrast? Well this program is the answer to those lessons brought by contrast that show you how not to be.  But it doesn’t stop there. It actually gives you the tools for how to be to allow that flow you desire and deserve.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Money Matters program:

  • Reveal hidden ways you may be repelling abundance
  • Excavate any beliefs that are blocking abundance
  • Get guidance of what has to happen in the hierarchy of success and abundance
  • Identify whose beliefs you are owning as of your own making
  • Learn the difference between “letting go” and transmuting the inner blocks
  • Process to determine your # 1 value (which affects everything)
  • Learn to raise your inner wealth threshold to yet imagined highs
  • Create clarity of the ways in which your wealth transforms you and the cosmos
  • Tools for your self-love toolbox that open your worthiness and deservingness
  • The tools to create the life you desire and deserve

Are you struggling to allow in your birthright, which is abundance?

Are you stuck at a certain financial level?
Do you aspire to more abundance in your life?
Do you know you have a purpose, even if you have yet to identify that purpose?
Would opening the gates to abundance help you to live a better life?
What will you do with abundance?
Who will you be with abundance?

Join us for this ground breaking, or should I say, limit-breaking Money Matters program.

And because you are on the cutting edge of this release, you are getting special beta pricing! All members of the Winged-Women™ tribe, can have full access to this life-transforming program for only $297, but only if you enroll before May 15th, at 12:00 midnight PST. After that, the price goes to $997.

Yes, you’re getting in for only a fraction of what the public will pay!

Here’s why I am making this available at this ultra low price: I want to make this painless to get into, and when you make the investment, even at only $297, you are alerting the Universe and your subconscious mind, that you are worthy, and change is happening. That’s also the reason I don’t just give it away for free. Without placing a monetary value on it, it won’t be valued. My intention is that you will realize how amazingly valuable this is, and you will count your lucky stars for having enrolled while it is only $297!

It’s important to me that you know this: I feel you. I support you.

I hold you in your power even when you may not. And I want for you, the most delicious life possible. I want you to learn to love every facet of who you are. That may mean releasing an old belief about self-love versus conceit, or selfishness.

The reason to learn to love every facet of who you are, is partially that your energies bless all who come into your life, and those who cross your pathway.  And those positive ripples are endless! By being you in the essence of self-love makes the universe a better place. Just by being you.

And I know for certain, that when you are stressed about money, about love, about feeling stuck, about not knowing your value, about feeling an inner gnawing that tells you there is more to life than that which you are currently experiencing, then you are not emitting the optimal vibrations.

And if you are not living in the frequency of abundance, you are not receiving all you desire and deserve.

Invest today at the special savings and you’ll immediately receive the following bonuses:

  • Digital Duo of Escaping the Chrysalis and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook ($125 & potentially priceless!)
  • Transmuting the Stagnant Energies Program (Life-Tool eBook & Audio Set Value $47)
  • Just added: Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed home course ($297 Value)


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Breakthrough Your Inner Glass Ceiling

The details:

Money Matters is a fully digital program that you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office at any time that works best in any time zone.

All content is fully downloadable, including the videos, audios, PDFs, info-graphs, templates, and instructions for progressing thru each step. You may progress at your own pace.

But here’s something to consider: Investing in a life-transforming program is an important step. As such, the more immersive you are in the valuable content, and the more invested you are in reflecting on your personal experience, the better your results.

In other words, you may buzz right thru the content, but it’s going to be more effective if you wallow a bit in the substance. For deepest results, commit to a specific time each day to complete the lessons. And then show up and be fully present.

  • Listen to the morning audio to begin your day
  • Listen to the evening audio to end your day
  • Complete the exercises at a time you are least likely to be interrupted

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Money Matters.
Yes, that’s a play on words.

That will become clear once you’re enrolled in the program.

See you there.
Winged-Women™ Jan Deelstra

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