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Breaking Free From Our Own Inner Prisons Can Be a Struggle…
…But The Struggle Doesn’t Have to be in Vain!

Hello Beautiful!

Did you know that your strength comes from the process of living? Just as a butterfly has to squeeze through the cocoon to learn the strength to fly once it’s free, you must learn to see your struggles as a necessary step to the day when you will fly.

Perception is everything. Imagine if that butterfly, so close to breaking free, were to give up because the struggle was too difficult. It would die inches away from getting to live life in its truest form! And I would hate to see that happen to you!

Here’s another way to look at it: The Japanese have a centuries-old method, Kintsugi, for mending broken pottery with veins of pure gold. The result is that the original piece actually becomes more valuable, more beautiful, and much stronger as a result of the repairs…. It is even possible to buy a Kintsugi repair kit to mend your own broken pottery, or to create an intentionally damaged looking artifact.

I look at women that way. We are more valuable as a result of the wisdom we learn from even the most painful experience, we are more beautiful for the character and vein of sweetness that struggles bring into our lives, and we are unquestionably stronger as a result…. And I offer you something here which is akin to the Kintsugi repair kit. You, my goddess friend, can be made even more beautiful and valuable and resilient with the licensed trade-secret proprietary tools I provide….

This is not to say you are broken. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You are seasoned by the gifts that even the greatest loss brings in the wake….

Imagine who you would be, had you not struggled.
What character would you have missed, had it not been for your deepest experiences?

The truth is, your past struggles and experiences are the gold in your veins, and struggle is the fuel that will propel you into the life you choose, if that’s what you choose. And you are in the right place if you are ready to learn the techniques for transforming your pain and struggles into fuel for limitless possibilities….

Struggle Often Scares People into Paralysis!

Struggle scares many people away from greatness. At the very least, struggle can cause a paralytic effect and may even lead to chronic victim mentality. But, what so few seem to realize is that struggle prepares you for greatness. Struggle can be scary. But without struggle, you aren’t in any position to handle the added weight greatness brings. And I can help you to not be in a paralytic state, or live victimized by the past.

You, my beautiful goddess friend, can own your wings by owning your struggle, just as the butterfly does. And guess what? Your transformation into your full-winged goddess lifestyle doesn’t have to take years…. Your change comes in a moment. Yes, in one single moment, your life can be transformed…. I know, because I have been to Hell. And I found my way back to a greater ‘me’ than I had ever known previous to my enormous challenges. And I can show you the way, step-by-step to move into the life you were born to live, and to never again feel the despair, or the inner gnawing that feeds the feeling of “not being enough.”

You ARE Enough.

In fact, you are more than enough. 


The saying, “Nothing worth having comes for free,” is not just a good motivational soundbite, it brings with it a very simple truth.

If something comes to you easily, maybe it isn’t so great. Though this may seem like a debatable statement, look at any example. The one I am going to give is money. When money is earned through blood, sweat, and tears, it is appreciated and handled responsibly for the person’s entire life. But, when money is won through a lottery or another source, it is usually a terrible thing. People could be swimming in debt and win more than enough to take them out of it, and yet they still spend it on outrageously priced items instead, living it up while they can…

This is the difference between strengthening through a struggle and being handed something you aren’t equipped to handle. Every step prepares you for a higher level. Without the steps, your fall is inevitable. I know that this isn’t very uplifting. But, who would I be to uplift you while offering you nothing of substance?

Make A Change Today!

In the event that you arrived here on this page without knowing me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jan Deelstra., and I have been helping women own their wings since 1984…. And I want to show you that your current struggles were necessary. I want to give you hope through changing your perception.

Winged~Women™ Life Coaching: Immersive 6-Month Process to Transformation & Clarity comes from my 3+ decades as a woman’s counselor. And I want to pass it onto you!

Escaping image

I help women turn struggles into strengths!


Dreams were never created to be small. Life offers plenty of constriction that a dream should set you somewhere far into the stratosphere. The bars of your limitation should be far enough apart that you never realize they are even there. After all, what’s the point of having a dream at all if it’s something you can fit into a small little box? Dreams are meant to be gargantuan. The greatest example available is this: big dreams sent people into space, where they had to literally defy the law of gravity to find success.

You’ve been in prison long enough. We know, usually something that sounds as good as this offer is too good to be true. Though it may seem too good to be true, I assure you it’s simply our way of rewarding you for being one of the few women dedicated to living their dream lifestyle. You deserve to be rewarded!

Just as an engine can be fixed with the proper tools and knowledge, the same is true of your self-image and your lifestyle. This program is guaranteed to keep your engine running healthy!

You Deserve It!

  • Have you ever known there is a greater purpose for you?
  • Have you struggled with feelings of not being worthy?
  • Do you question of you are deserving of a great fulfilled life?
  • Are you tethered by your past?
  • Does your past hold you “small”?
  • Have you ever wished you could speak up and be heard?
  • Would you like to own your feminine power?
  • Would you like to break free of the energetic shackles that hold you small?
  • Would you like to never again have a dream you could not realize?
  • Would you love to have the best answers at your wing tips?
  • Have you ever wanted to transform your past?
  • Would you like to be part of a kindred tribe of empowered women?
  • Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into the light?

You Do Not Want to Miss Out on the Honest Wisdom Inside the Portal!

Are you ready to Own YOUR Wings?

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Your past struggles are about to empower you, if that’s what you choose…. Just as is shown in the little video above, YOUR struggles are your strengths. Your struggles have given you opportunity to build confidence and embrace your self-worth and deserving.

Winged~Women™ Life Coaching: Immersive 6-Month Process to Transformation & Clarity helps women like you emerge from the self-imposed cocoon of the past and expand into full-winged feminine strength and goddess-like beauty. By empowering yourself with once-trade-secret tools for turning your struggles into strengths™ you are freed to propel your life into the future of your dreams.

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HOW Does IT Work?

You’ve had struggles in the past. Some of them may have even been so horrific that they threatened to take you down….

Each struggle of your life has given strength to your wings... #winged-women Click To Tweet

The butterfly gains strength from the struggle to break free of the chrysalis that once fed it and kept it tightly wrapped, secure….

Without that struggle to escape from the chrysalis, the butterfly never gains the strength needed to take flight….

It’s like that for you too…

…so what if you could learn to transform your struggles into strengths™?

What would YOUR life look like then?

Your struggles are your strengths…waiting to lift you beyond the earth’s gravity and into the flight of your life…. And I can show you how…

As an award-winning-best-selling author, and women’s empowerment business and life coach, I offer you the transformational tools to break-free of the false security of your past pains and to now step fully into your uniquely styled, beautiful full splendor wings….

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…more to the point:

I show YOU how to transform YOUR struggles into strengths #winged-women Click To Tweet

What sets me apart from other “life coaches”?

There are thousand of coaches to choose from, and I am the first to say that I am NOT everyone’s life coach! If it turns out that we are not a good fit, we part as friends. I am selective as to who I share my time, and indeed, my life with….

  • YOU are my ideal client if you are a woman ready to commit to YOU.
  • You are my ideal client if you are beginning to awaken to the inner nudging that suggests there is so much more to life than has yet been revealed….
  • You are willing to invest in her personal growth, understanding that I am an expert with a LOT of experience and credentials and trade-secrets to share.
  • You are both nervous and excited to release whatever is holding you back, and find your wings for future experiences….

I am an award-winning, best-selling author with 7 published self-help books under my belt, as well as being involved as an author in 2 other collaborate best seller book titles shared with other women in the transformation business….

For over three decades, I’ve empowered thousands of women to step into their unique purpose…. Since 1984, I have worked tirelessly with women from all demographics, empowering them with self-esteem, self-nurturing, and self-love. I am a self-esteem expert. I believe self-esteem is at the roots of everything in life, from our choice of careers, and our successful or failing love relationships, to our bank accounts, to our interactions with strangers, friends, and family, to the opportunities we seize or don’t notice.

I’ve taught thousands to unearth the internalized beliefs that hold them back, and to learn to find the gift in even the most painful or nefarious conditions….

Women have embraced the tools to enhance their lives in every arena from assertiveness to zen living….

From A-Z women are stepping out of the shadows and owning their voices, are defining their boundaries, are finding the important balance in their life….


I have an empowerment toolkit over-flowing with once proprietary trade-secret tools.... #winged-women Click To Tweet

…I offer you the tools and techniques that become integrated new habits, ensuring your positive transformation into the life of your dreams….

Just like the thousands of women before you -women just like you, you can discover that you are worthy…that you are deserving…that you have a unique value to share with others….

There is no greater gift to me, than to witness a woman like you release the stagnant energies that have kept her tethered to the heaviness of the past, have kept her from realizing her truly limitless potential….

Privilege of a lifetime

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are ~Joseph Campbell #winged-women Click To Tweet

There is immeasurable joy in seeing a woman own her wings…taking flight into the life she could not even imagine prior to meeting her inner spirit…. Brave women, just like you, who felt the fear and stepped up anyway, only to realize near-miraculous transformational results!

Winged~Women™ Life Coaching: Immersive 6-Month Process to Transformation & Clarity is for women who are ready to finally own their life. It is an intensive, immersive, proprietary 6-month process of unfolding…

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 …it is a process which is laced authentic caring, nurturing, cooperation, spirit-connection, heart-centering, whole-self balance, and love, especially self-love… Because let’s face it, there is not enough self-love in this world! And I am out to change that!

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Winged~Women™ Life Coaching: Immersive 6-Month Process to Transformation & Clarity is the catalyst for transformation for the woman who is not satisfied with remaining small, with feeling unheard, unseen, with feeling the weight of the world on her back -sometimes the weight being manifest physically as protective body armor fat….


Winged~Women™ Life Coaching: Immersive 6-Month Process to Transformation & Clarity is for the woman who is ready to emerge from the stagnant status quo, with wings spread and powerful…to take flight in the direction of her dreams.

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Is this you?

  • You’ve known for some time that there is something great you are born to do…
  • You sense an inner gnawing that it’s time to trust you above all others…
  • You believe there is more to life than existing day-to-day…
  • You have an itch that is demanding more and more to be scratched…
  • You may or may not yet know your purpose, but you are ready to clarify and take action…

You have wisdom within, which is wise beyond what is imagined #winged-women Click To Tweet

Your answers are inside, and have always been inside. You were taught to not trust yourself, rather, you were taught to look outside to others for affirmation….

Lotus Position

Now you are ready to discover that your best answers were always inside, that your inner wisdom is an infinite well, over-flowing with ancestral and future knowledge… It’s all there inside of you, and now you are coming to the well with not a teaspoon, but with limitless access to that reservoir of truths….

  • Now you are clear about investing in you because YOU MATTER!
  • You know that you are worth the price of tuition.
  • You step up, showing the Universe that you are worthy. and deserving
  • You own your birthright to live as YOU decide.
  • You know there are no more excuses for hiding out, for living in the shadows of yourself.

Say YES to your guided transformation into fullness.
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What others are saying:

“Heart-Shifting, Spirit-Filling, Life-Changing….”

“Winged-Women coaching literally transformed my life in only a few days! Actually, I could say that, in only a few hours of coaching, Jan opened me up to new possibilities and helped me to release some old “sticky stuff” that was keeping me stuck”

“I was scared to let go of the familiar, but once Jan helped me to recognize that my past was energetic fuel for propelling me into a better future, it was almost magical.”

“I am forever grateful to have “earned my wings” with the amazing assistance of a very gifted coach. Now I am not only a past client, but I am enrolled in her truly magnificent business training -the Empowered Women Business Coaching course. In a couple of months, I will be a certified life coach. Woohoo! Thank you Jan. I’m really LOVING the business coaching program with you.”

“Without trying, I dropped 37 pounds of “body armor” after you showed me how to identify what I was getting for holding on to the past pain. I am grateful beyond words….”

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  • You’ll learn to communicate in a way that gets your needs met.
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*DECIDE means to “cut away,” and we will look at what to “cut away” from your life to create a step-by-step plan for reaching the destination you DECIDE to set.

Start here, by deciding to invest in you. You’re worth it. And if you’re wondering what the “investment” is, it’s normally $9997. That price is slashed to only $5997. And you’re worth every penny of it….


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*You’ll receive the award-winning transformational book, Escaping the Chrysalis AND the sister life-transforming manual, Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. This is the workbook that contains the actual exercises, tools, and techniques that will transform your life, and will provide you with the once secret tools of the trade!

You’ll also receive all course content in downloadable format to use at any time it suits you long after you’ve graduated from the course.

We’re Global!

Wherever you are on the globe, you can participate in Winged~Women™ Coaching.

You can complete the course in the privacy of the secure online portal, from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office or local coffee shop….

Wherever in the world you are, we’ll connect at a personal transformational level…. You WILL realize results! In 6 short months, your permanent transformation will have become a new way of being. Every area of your life will improve.

…or, you can do nothing, and nothing will change.

It’s time to “decide” to invest in you. You’re worth it. And by the time you complete the Winged~Women™ Coaching, you will know your worth. 

I can’t wait to see your wings! 
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Embrace the Whole of You.

Confidently step into your full-winged potential….

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