From Heartbreak to Wholeness

Moving Out of Pain and Into Power

Hello Goddess! Thanks for attending From Heartbreak to Wholeness. with the lovely Elisabeth Scheffer.
It led you to this Winged-Women™ playground,
or as I like to call it, the “grow-ground.”
It’s where your kindred tribe of women gather.
So, welcome to the tribe!
I am happy you’ve arrived!

Coming from heartbreak to wholeness is not something we would consciously invite into our life experience portfolio, yet once we’ve moved through the process, heartbreak may be the seeds of  the most delicious growth spurts of our lifetime. Hindsight often provides a rosier picture, and in my estimation, there is a gift in even the most painful experiences. Heartbreak, as it turns out, is definitely one of those events that brings a well-earned prize to the survivor. It’s the balance of the yin with the yang.

Have you ever considered who you would be without your struggles,
without your experiences of heartbreak,
without your stories?

When you pull back the curtains of your heart, what’s there? Is it a beautiful portrait of a loving, nurturing, giving woman? Or is it a barbed-wire barrier covering a solid concrete wall, surrounded by a gator filled moat?

  • Are you protecting your heart as a fortress, or are you using the garage door method where you decide when to open and when to close?
  • More often than not, is your heart guarded or receptive? 

From heartbreak to wholeness is the vein of collective experiences that grew to be Winged-Women™ Business & Life Coaching.

Winged-Women™ came about because every woman I have worked with since 1984 has had a unique story with a similar thread. Each of us have experienced somewhere between a degree and an explosion of heartbreak. And as so-called truths unravel, it turns out that none of us are judged more harshly than by our own self-critic. Our self-worth is called into question. Our deservingness follows. The questions of worth and deserving become internalized messages that loop, and create and reinforce a track of ‘not being enough.”

You are enough. In fact, you are more than enough. 

Looking at ourselves with blame and disdain for our supposed hand in heartbreaking life events is not conducive to self-love, to confidence, or to wellness. What it does offer is unparalleled opportunity for growth; often, for enormous growth that could happen no other way. 

What your story is, has angles. From one view your story may seem dark and twisty and random. From another angle, your story may have a rich deep purpose. There are various perspectives to take into account when calling on that precision hindsight as a tool for excavating the gift in the experience. And when you can look at all sides, give it a color and a shape and a size, animate it with gender and characteristics and personality traits, you can then get to know it as the harbinger of wisdom that it is….

When we wallow in emotions, rather than excavating the life-enhancing pearls from even the most heartbreaking experience, we can drown in the depth of a hell of our own making. Heartbreak is easy quicksand to drown in. Embracing the gift is a much wiser choice.

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