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Now, thanks to Google Translate, from Afrikaans to Zulu…
Everyone can read the Blogs on both
Winged-Women™ and Jan

From Afrikaans to Zulu, and every language in between, thanks to Google Translate,  now everyone can read the blog posts in their native or preferred language! How inclusively COOL is that? I think it’s the greatest thing since invention of the cathode tube that brought us television!

What does this mean for you?

From now on, the newsletters will be simultaneously posted on the website blog. That way, if you have a preference to read it in Zulu, or any other language, you can do that! Or just have some fun and learn a new language by reading the posts in various languages!

I do realize that some phrases won’t translate correctly. That hiccup happens even when I’m connected with some of my Aussie and Brit friends too, lol (Did you see what I did there by inserting a decidedly slang term “hiccup” as example? ) At any rate, isn’t it lovely to know that MOST of the content will translate?

How it will work

If you’re a current blog subscriber to either Winged-Women™ or JanDeelstra, you will still receive the notices when there are new posts. Nothing changes, except that you will now have the option of using the Google Translate feature on the top of the blog post page.

If you subscribe to the email ezine, you will still receive an email when the content is posted, and it will still be in American English. That email will have the title and the post link so all you will need to do is click thru to the post, and then click the Google Translate button. It will be super easy, and I think fun, to do.

What I See for the Future

Eventually, my dream is that all the courses offered, all the books and e-books I’ve written, all the quizzes, templates, and assessments, all the blog posts, and all the pages will have the Google Translate function, so wherever you are, whatever native language you prefer, it will be the option.Cool stuff!

Does it show that I am excited about this UP-SIDE of technology? Think about it: Communicating in every language from Afrikaans to Zulu means we can interact at a more personal level. It brings us closer as a result, and I find that to be a beautiful use of technology.

What’s your reaction to this new way to connect at a deeper level?
Do you like the idea?
What thoughts and feelings does this higher level of technology evoke in you?

Leave your comments and let’s get a consensus!

Click onto the Google Translate button at the top right side and let’s have some fun with the languages!





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