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So, here’s the thing about the award-winning book, Escaping the Chrysalis...and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

You can purchase the physical versions of Escaping the Chrysalis and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook separately on Amazon (each link opens another window to Amazon)…and wait for their arrival.

And that’s a wonderful option if you’re one of those persons who love to highlight, and underline, and dog-ear the pages.

Because the truth is, Escaping the Chrysalis IS the life manual you’ll return to time and time again for guidance and instruction and for confidence-building when things get tough, or just because you want to improve your life…

It’s truly the book we wish our parents had read, and given to us so that we could begin building a strong self-esteem while we were younger. But it’s not too late to learn to love yourself, and to improve every area of your life…


…both the Escaping the Chrysalis e-book and the companion e-workbook are now also available as instant gratification versions purchased thru PayPal for $47 and delivered as a PDF to your electronic device by clicking here. You can still print them out, highlight, underline, and dog-ear the pages if you like, as long as you have access to a printer…


…during the month of June, you can enter to win a full digital version of BOTH books!

Escaping the Chrysalis comes in at over 400 pages of empowering content that may change your life!
The companion workbook contains over 230 full color pages of transformational techniques!

What are you waiting for??

  • Improve your relationships
  • Enhance your romance
  • Learn to get your needs met
  • Never again have a dream you don’t understand
  • Light a fire under your creativity
  • Own your voice
  • Become ULTRA confident
  • Release whatever holds you back
  • Unleash your wealth potential
  • Fill your self-love toolbox with proprietary trade tools
  • Step into the life you were born to live

If your life isn’t 100% fulfilling, you now have no excuse. This empowering duo offers you the tools, and provides you with actual examples and the means to incorporate confidence-building, self-esteem enhancing practices into your daily routine.

Changing your life circumstances doesn’t have to be hard!


You were not born to struggle.
You were born to thrive.

Escaping the Chrysalis empowers you in every area of your life.  And now, you have a chance to get this power-pack for free. Enter your name and email into the form below, and then watch your inbox and this blog page for winners names. Maybe yours will be among the lucky winners.

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