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Escaping the Chrysalis Empowerment Duo

The little butterfly works hard at breaking free of the cocoon that once held her and nourished her. She struggles with that tight chrysalis, and if you’ve ever watched this miracle of nature, you’ve probably wanted to clip at her wrap and help her breakthrough into what promises to be a magnificent show of colorful wings….

That struggle to break free of the chrysalis is actually a trick of nature that strengthens the would-be butterfly…

She must push through that hole in the chrysalis, as in doing so, fluid from her torso is squeezed into her budding wings, giving her the power to eventually fly…

Without that struggle, the butterfly would never get off the ground.

It’s like that for us, I think. Ask yourself, without the struggles you’ve survived, who would you be now?

You’re not the same woman now as you were in your twenties. And you are not the same woman today as you will be in a year, five years, or decades from now. What will remain constant, is you stepping more and more into your unique beauty, into the wings that have grown so strong and gorgeous, expanding and making you the magnificent woman you are born to be….

Escaping the Chrysalis gives you wings. So take a moment to find the gift in every experience you have survived. There is a gift. Always, there is a gift. Because life happens for, and not against you. It’s up to you to discover the blessing, the lesson, the gem in everythng you go through in life. And once you’ve learned the lesson, and claimed the gift, you are freed to step into a higher frequency of grace….

It is why you are here now, on this page at this exact moment in time. You are here to own your wings….

And I can help. My name is Jan Deelstra, and I am the award-winning author of Escaping the Chrysalis, as well as several other titles. I have the tools to help you clip free of whatever binds you, without damage, and in fact, to empower you with feminine power principles, which enhance you, strengthen you, and free you to live the life you deserve and consciously choose.

For over three-decades, I have been a champion of women’s right to own the whole of who they are. When I think about it, it was always at the core of who I am. Until I professionally became a women’s empowerment advocate, it was me gaining momentum for that moment when I stepped into the wings of who I was born to be. And you can too.

Regardless of what you do, and who you are at this precise moment, there are enough licensed trade-secret tools here to over-fill your self-love toolbox….

You can well imagine that I have quite an arsenal after thirty-plus years of consulting women. And now, you can have access to the toolbox too!

Escaping the Chrysalis is the content we wish our parents had read! It’s full of actual case studies from some of my toughest clients and from some of my most beloved clients. And it’s set up in a way that you can turn to a topic and gain immense knowledge and strength for your own personal journey…. Learn via comparison as you read the examples provided, and learn via the tools that are clearly presented….

Got a dream you don’t understand? Dreams are messages from you to you. Dreams are a wealth of empowering information, guidance, and solutions. Great minds like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein depended on their dreams for clarity. In fact, in Escaping the Chrysalis, I share with you, the story of how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity came to him in a dream. Also included is the way that Edison used dreams on a daily basis, and how the song Yesterday came to Paul McCartney in a dream.

And now, with Escaping the Chrysalis, you too can tap into the brilliance of your mind-body-spirit whole/gestalt self….

Communication is another valuable section of Escaping the Chrysalis. Much of what passes for communication these days is either shallow or passive-aggressive. Not many people have learned to ask for what they need and desire, and to get those needs and desires met without indirect manipulations, or without pissing off the other person. Escaping the Chrysalis goes into great depth to provide clear tools for communicating exactly what you need and want to say. Effective assertive communication replaces passive ineffective communication resulting in clear connections. The book also exposes a fabulous tool for recognizing when others are projecting their inner baggage onto you, and vice versa….

Here’s an overview of what’s covered in Escaping the Chrysalis:

  • Chapter One: Introduction to Gestalt for Self-Esteem
  • Chapter Two: Mind-Body-Spirit Connection and Self-Esteem
  • Chapter Three: The Mystery of Thought
  • Chapter Four: Who and Where Am I?
  • Chapter Five: Meeting the Monsters & Muses
  • Chapter Six: The Power of Words
  • Chapter Seven: Passive-Aggressive
  • Chapter Eight: Affirmations
  • Chapter Nine; Sweet Dreams & Nightscapes Interpreted
  • Chapter Ten: Life in the Hot Seat
  • Chapter Eleven: Let Go, Let Gestalt
  • Chapter Twelve: Love & Inertia
  • Chapter Thirteen: Creative Expression Through Gestalt
  • Chapter Fourteen: Answer Your Calling
  • Chapter Fifteen: Gestalt Connected One
  • Chapter Sixteen: Epilogue

At over 400+ pages, Escaping the Chrysalis is written to give you a hefty variety of tools that can transform your life. Learning from the examples of other’s stories, or breaking down the chapters on a needs basis -using for example, the chapter on Love & Inertia to recognize and enhance your love life, makes this the most valuable manual for life!

And once Escaping the Chrysalis was completed, I decided to create a workbook full of the experiential exercises I use with my clients in both one-on-one consulting and in group coaching. The result is Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, a collection of step-by-step prrocesses that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your schedule.

The Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook includes plenty of journal pages too, as well as a personality inventory to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to give you a clear picture of your past, present, and future. It is a full-color workbook, and I do mean “workbook”.  The Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is is meant to be scribbled in, marked up, colored on and in, and used!

Escaping the Chrysalis is the workbook for your life!

Here’s the thing: You have experienced some life events. And some of those experiences may have left you feeling less than 100% confident. Your self-esteem took a hit here or there, and your self-worth has been in question in your head for many months or even years.

  • You may question whether you are deserving of a fulfilled life.
  • You may wonder why you feel this inner gnawing that there is more to life.
  • You may lack confidence in romantic relationships.
  • You may confuse love and lust.
  • Your career may be the most unsatisfying effort you make.
  • You may have left-over memories that hold you back.
  • You may have anger at persons from your past.
  • You may have more baggage than Amelia Earhart….

Regardless of what has put the chinks in your perfect whole/gestalt self, Escaping the Chrysalis and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is the salve. Together, this empowering duo offers you a perfect home study course for learning ways to improve in all areas of life, of releasing whatever holds you tethered to the past, and to allow you to step confidently into your preferred lifestyle of limitless potential.

Escaping the Chrysalis is build around my primary motto:

“You have one purpose, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.”

Escaping the Chrysalis Empowerment Duo

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Escaping the Chrysalis 300+

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Wishing you all things full-winged and wonderful!


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