Proprietary Breakthrough
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  • Are you emotionally STUCK in a past event or struggle?
  • Would you like to transform past struggles into strengths?
  • Do you have any unrealized dreams?
  • Do you earn what you’re worth?
  • Do you lose sleep over a personal success barrier?
  • Have you achieved all your aspirations?
  • Have any of your goals been left neglected on the back burner?
  • Do you have creative impulses that you stuff down from awareness?
  • Do you have any craving for personal transformation in any area?
  • Can you name three dreams you’ve yet to manifest?

Breakthrough…and unleash your goddess power to be Queen of YOUR Life!

Consider for a moment, the one thing that shows up in your life as a consistent pattern, and which has the impact of stopping you from enjoying the life you desire.

Got it?

Hold that “one thing” in your consciousness and really allow it to take shape, to come into focus.

As you see this “one thing” in your mind, notice how you feel emotionally.

Then notice how you feel physically while holding this thought.

Notice without judging. Simply notice how your body feels, where you are holding stress, how your breathing is, and any physical aches or tenseness.

This “one thing” impacts your life in every area.

And this one thing can be transformed.

Schedule your Proprietary Breakthrough.
Transform your life for less than $1000 ($997) and less than 30 days.

  • Identify the internalized beliefs that hold you in a pattern of failure.
  • Breakthrough barriers to financial freedom.
  • Never again play the victim or victimizer role.
  • Breakthrough fear of asking for what you need and want.
  • Breakthrough the pain, the inner identify, the fear that stops you.
  • Learn to release past pains and free that energy for great things!
  • Stop living in pain and frustration.
  • Release anxiety and channel that energy into fulfillment.
  • Identify the rewards for holding onto past painful memories.
  • Consciously create your experiences rather than living by default.
  • Improve your health, wealth, and more!
  • Feel sexier, more deserving, and more like the goddess you are!
  • Get clear on your vision for your life.
  • Have more energy for the things you want to participate in.
  • Unearth hidden beliefs that keep you playing small.
  • Breakthrough barriers to intimate relationships
  • Breakthrough feelings of not being worthy.
  • Experience life on YOUR terms.
  • Breakthrough the fears that are keeping you from being all you can be.
  • Breakthrough the past pain and turn struggles into strengths.
  • Breakthrough your self-imposed limitations.
  • Learn the steps to reach further than you’ve ever dared!


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Due to the commitment of time and space, there are a very limited number of openings in these Breakthrough Sessions. We try to accommodate everyone who requests a session, but like you, our time is also filled with events. If for any reason you are not accepted, a full refund will be made.
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