If you are experiencing less than the life that you desire, and which, deep in your heart, you know that you deserve, why is that? Why haven’t you been able to let go of the internal blocks to fulfillment? Why haven’t you found what you’ve been seeking? Why does another year go by, with unrealized dreams?

Within every woman is a goddess. She’s been with you infinitely, and she loves you deeply, unconditionally, and timelessly. She is soulful. She is truthful. She is the core essence of you, and she has been and will continue to be infinitely with you.

Your inner goddess is the connection with infinite wisdom. She is your golden thread to supreme guidance, is the source of solutions to perceived problems, is the pathway to expansive growth, and is the creative source of abundance of wealth and love and joy. She is the well of divine nurturing self-love that radiates outward and calls in more love to bless the globe and the universe.

Most of us have trampled the connection
with our inner goddess wisdom

  • We’ve given to others until our energies are depleted.
  • We smile when we actually feel angry, or worse, empty.
  • We’ve swallowed feelings and words and thoughts, all in the name of peace keeping.
  • We’ve listened when told how we should or shouldn’t act.
  • We have gone thru this lifetime, and possibly other lifetimes, as a second class citizen.
  • We’ve allowed others to define who we are.
  • We’ve denied ourselves the care and loving that we deserve.
  • We’ve put the needs and wants of others ahead of our own.
  • We’ve felt pain deeply, and we’ve sucked it up.
  • We’ve grown weary because we have denied our self.
  • We’ve appeared brave and stoic at times when we are crumbling inside.

…every 5000 years or so, there is a swing of the pendulum from the feminine to the masculine. We are at such a time in history and her story. You may have noticed that the pendulum swing is moving from the competitive, controlling, greed-driven patriarchy towards a more generous, loving, nurturing, cooperative, collaborative way of being.

You’ll notice, if you’re paying the slightest bit of attention, the awakening of women globally, as more and more women of diverse cultures begin to stand up against injustice, to begin to bravely own their voices and insist on being heard and seen and felt as equals, and not as second-class citizens.

The time is truly up for those who ignorantly speak, act, and intentionally disenfranchise and/or hurt others.

As this shift occurs, the light is shone on the places where discrimination, abuse, repression, and control are thriving. There are no corners for secrets and patriarchy to continue as the norm. The shift has consequences: There are those who fight for the status quo because they fear the change, fear losing something. In truth, there is much to be gained with the awakening of the generous and receptive feminine spirit.

What does this energetic shift mean for you, personally?

  • Are you ready to release the pain and emptiness you’ve been feeling for far too long?
  • How would you like to own your voice, your feminine power, your life?
  • Who are you at the goddess level of your beingness?
  • How will your life be different when you expand into your full-winged glory?
  • How will your life be blessed when you are connected with the source of infinite wealth?
  • How will your life be different when you connect with divine self-love?
  • Who will be affected when you step into the self-love and divine life you were born to live?
  • How do you feel when you consider living in your goddess nature?

The feminine power frequency is ultra rich with textures of love. When you think of it, I wonder if you sense a craving that comes from such a deep place that you know it’s innate. That feeling is the doorway to your designed life.

I invite you to Awaken the Goddess™ Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve. And I promise you the tools to help you make that life enriching connection with your source of wisdom and guidance and abundance.

If you are currently feeling discontent, it is a clear sign of imbalance. It’s evidence of being out of alignment with the whole mind-body-spirit self. This discontent, aka dis-ease, can lead to serious diseases. At the least, this out of alignment state makes it impossible to experience the rich fulfilled life you deserve.

Awaken the Goddess™ Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve is a virtual program that gives you the foundation, the support, the action steps, and the guidance to learn to open the channel to that divine wisdom within. You’ll learn to release whatever holds you back, and to re-design life on your terms.

  • Your pain will transmute into passion and fuel.
  • Your past stories will become strengths.
  • You will learn to manifest your desires.
  • Your energy will bless others as it blesses you.
  • Your current conditions will experience an up-lifting.
  • Your future will blossom by design, not default.

It is because the experience of feeling empty, undeserving, and unworthy of wonderful blessings is such a pervasive symptom of the greater cause which is dis-connect, that this Awaken the Goddess™ Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve was born.

For over 3 decades, women have come to me with deep feelings of discontent, with a core frequency of feeling empty and even depressed. This feminine issue is at the center of everything from feelings of not being enough, of not having enough, of not feeling good enough.

Here’s the thing:

It’s simply more efficient to reach out with this offer that can give the tools to many, in addition to the individual 1:1 coaching offered.  With that in mind, I invite you to commit to creating the life you desire. I invite you to invest in the Awaken the Goddess™ Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve on-line course.

If you are willing to invest one lunar cycle (28 days), you will have the framework for creating the life you desire, and most importantly, deserve. With an open connection with your inner source of infinite wisdom, you will learn to manifest whatever you decide to allow into your life. You will also learn to trust YOU explicitly. Your best answers and guidance are within. And you can learn to open that channel to allow abundance of money, love, creativity, happiness, health, and of all you ever dreamt of.

Abundance of all good things wants to come flowing into your life. It’s your birthright. And when you learn to open that channel, that abundance shows up in every area of your life.

Unexpected opportunities blossom where you were not expecting them, you’re at the right place at the right time, the right person shows up at exactly the right moment, the money shows up, the ‘miraculous’ happens when you learn to awaken the goddess connection and set your intentions for what you want.

By now you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you….

I wonder first, can you put a price on the value that you’ll receive when you learn to live in the flow of abundance? What’s that worth? What are the stories that are seeping into the way of your success? Are you stopping you? What beliefs are threatening to undermine your beautiful life?

Here’s another thing: Originally, this Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve course was a really, really big deal. It was created as a 3-month/90-day/12 week production, instead of a 1-month/28-day/4 week course. That’s because it takes some time for most folks to get centered and focused. But if you’re one of my subscribers, I’m confident that you are more evolved than the typical woman, or that at the very least, you are eager to learn. I believe your evolution and enthusiasm means it won’t take you 3 months to ‘get it’.

Also, at 12 weeks, the cost in time and labor investment dictates that it also be costly in monetary terms. And so, in order to get this important course into the hands of all who will benefit, the fluff has been cut and the price has been slashed. The process has been streamlined to give you the juiciest, most effective, most intensive, and still enjoyable 4 week course, with the core benefits of the original course, at a fraction of the cost.

Cool ehh?

So, to answer the question of how much is this going to cost in terms of both money and time investment, the answer is, because you are a valued subscriber, your investment will be $497 USD and 4 weeks of daily practice for between 15-90 minutes. The time investment is up to you. Intuitively, you will know how much time to invest each day.

But here’s the truly delicious part of the offer: Because you are valued, and because I sincerely want to give you everything in my power to make your life the best possible life, I’m offering fast-action takers a chance to get this course for only $247 thru Monday April 16th at 11:11 pm PST. After that, the price is $497 for subscribers and $997 to the general public.

By the way, the twelve-week version has a price tag of $1997. And after this introductory special (which is ONLY for my current subscribers) the price to the public will be $997 (still a very good offer for the limitless benefits!)

Want to know the details?

Doors open on Monday, April 16th, to Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve, but you can start at anytime after that launch date. This date also happens to be my late grandmother’s birthday, and because she was such a power-house, especially given the social mores of that era, it feels like a really good day to start the process of connection. It also happens to be the new moon. If you’ve been with me for any time at all, you know that I call on the new moon energies to support my business and personal growth. Planting intentions at the new moon makes for a higher success level! That’s also the reason this is a 28 day course. Let’s use that influence of Luna to up our successes!

Don’t worry if you cannot start right on time. The influence and intention is infused into the course as it was created under the energies of the new moon cycle. You can invest now, and start on the next new moon, or on the full moon too. It makes not difference, as the energy is in the product.

The course consists of 4 modules, which will be delivered starting on Monday, and repeated each Monday after that for the 4 week cycle. And of course there is a Facebook group for attendees which does not end at the completion of the 4 weeks! This is a private group reserved strictly for those who are sharing the experience of awakening the goddess connection, so some kindred connections can be made there as well.

What you’ll get for your investment:

Module 1 Foundation
Creating with the Law of Allowance…

I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve made a mistake above by not saying “Law of Attraction,” but trust me, I know what I am saying…. If you’re feeling empty, you’re not alone. The most common malady that women show up with is that of having an inner gnawing, a feeling of not being good enough, of not having achieved all they thought would be accomplished by now, of feeling empty inside regardless of how well-put-together she seems on the outside. And the feelings of emptiness are due to an energetic block to allowing in all that is good….

Module one sets the stage for creating the permanent foundation which is imperative to creating that life you desire and deserve by opening the dialog about what the Law of Attraction is and isn’t. You’ll get very clear on how the Law of Attraction works and how it can seem to be totally off-base from what you hope to attract. The module starts where you are. We must always start where you are. And from there, we begin to build the new structure that ensures you learn to consciously create the life you love by reinforcing thru gratitude, and learning to love every facet of who you are. You’ll learn to trust your gut, and to cease to allow others and other forces to dictate your life outcome.

Module 2 Clarify
What DO YOU Want?

The big decisions and the small decisions impact your outcome. Prepare to be impacted in a profoundly life enhancing way! Love, money, joy, wellness, balance, business and life guidance, whatever you want more of in your life, can be realized.

Module two starts the simultaneous release of whatever holds you small, and reinforcement of what empowers you with feminine power principles that hurt no one and in fact, make this world decidedly improved. This is where you decide. Clarity, purpose, and a deep introspection lead the way to your successful outcome as defined by YOU.

Module 3 Table for Two
Connected with an Open Channel

You are not alone. You have never been alone. You will never again feel abandoned, or unloved, or lonely. This is the beautifully fulfilling awareness that feeds your whole mind/body/spirit being with a flood of love and acceptance like you’ve never felt before.

Module three has you developing a practice that will now be among the favored in your self-love toolbox. Now the question becomes, how to find that source of wisdom, and that’s exactly what you’ll do in Module three. Prepare to feel the loving connection that will forever be with you, supporting you and holding you as the cherished woman you are.

Module 4 Claiming & Creating
Co-Creating the Life You Desire

What’s coming up for you as you begin to create a new habit of manifesting? What emotions, thoughts, patterns, habits are beginning to surface?

Module four takes your inner goddess connection to a deeper level. It reviews Module two, to determine if the answer to “what do I want” has changed since beginning this process. By the way, it’s okay if your vision has shifted; Shift happens! This is the section of the training where we plant the seeds of exactly what you DO want. And it’s perfectly okay to want more. Maybe by this point you are deciding that you deserve more that you originally thought possible. For purposes of this course, you’ll be asked to decide on one thing to manifest. This is a rinse and repeat process, so you can easily add new intentions as you immerse into the perfection of the formula over time.

Whatever is eating at you, in whatever area of life you’re not feeling complete, learning to awaken the goddess connection can help. You can learn to let go of anything that doesn’t feel like love. You can step into a higher vibration of a love-infused life. And you deserve to enjoy all that you desire.

Q & A

Some questions you might have regarding this Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve may be answered below:

Who is this for?

Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve is for any woman who seeks more. Whether it is a desire for a richer life experience, a desire for enhanced self-worth, a desire to feel more self-love and a more healthy lifestyle, a need for some balance in life, a deep longing to be respected, a dream for more love or money or happiness or health or creativity, or a desire for whatever you can dream of, this is the place your personal transformation begins.

Will this really help me?

As stated in the copy above, anything that’s keeping you up at night, anything that’s eating away at your confidence, or your success, anything that would benefit from a closer look, in whatever area of life you’re not feeling complete, learning to awaken the goddess connection will help you to transform into whatever you want. When you let go of anything that doesn’t support your full-winged expansion, you free energies to propel you into a higher vibrational realm where all is possible.

What if I am really busy but would love to be a part of this?

Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve is created as a process which can be done anywhere on the globe, at any time and in any time zone. The Facebook page will be up 24/7 for posting questions and making comments, and the digital delivery of the program ensure participation for anyone with the capabilities of accessing and downloading the content.

How much time do I need to invest in this?

The amount of time required is completely at your discretion. This is a tool for your life-skills toolbox, and the more time you invest, the greater the benefits you will realize. The actual course material takes only about an hour each week, and the daily connection time ideally is 15-30 minutes.

Will I get better at this in time?

We fully believe in the wisdom of each woman who enters into this program. With that said, as you immerse further into the practice of connecting with your inner guidance, the time required to “get there” will be shortened. As with any new skill, practice makes perfect, as it is said. But honestly, we think you will begin to enjoy the sacred time so much, that it won’t feel like work and so yes, you will “get better with time”!

How is this course delivered?

At this time, for this offer, the program will arrive via email. You will receive a special link which allows you to come into the portal where the course is delivered in various formats including video, audio, PDFs/e-Books, info-graphs, assessments, and other downloadable materials. Remember that valuable interactions and other special materials (files, videos, and such) will be made available in the private Facebook group.

Will this offer be available again in the future?

It is possible that this course will be available at least until we feel it has extended its shelf life, but not for this special price offered today, and probably without the personal support special care you’ll receive in the live group offered at this go-round.

Got Questions?

If you have questions not answered here, shoot us an email to awaken@winged-women.com and we’ll do our best to respond quickly. Or, use the purple button on the right of this page to leave a short voice mail.

Take the plunge while this 28 day offer is still available, and while it’s still so inexpensive in both terms of dollars and time investment. The return on your investment in terms of time and the money will return to you almost immediately.

To enroll at today’s special pricing of only $247, click the secure PayPal button below:

For US residence, PayPal offers 6-months interest free for some purchases. If you need special financing, check them out!

PS~ There are bonuses to all who get this special pricing, but you won’t know what’s in the swag bag until you get into the private Facebook group where the goodies await you…. I will tell you they are plentiful, and valuable, and support your pathway to creating the full-winged goddess lifestyle you desire and deserve.
See you there!

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