90 Day Deep Dive Coaching Immerse in Rapid Transformation

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    The truth is, not everyone wants or needs a long-term commitment to coaching, yet a single “break-through” session is rarely a permanent solution to creating real lasting change. Most often, the desired transformation comes very quickly, and the sought after transformation is deeply rooted within about 90 days.

That’s the idea behind this 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching offer.
  • For myriad reasons, it may be challenging to jump into a long-term (6-12 month) commitment, so I’ve decided to open up a very limited time offer for an intensive deep-dive 90 day (3 month) coaching program.

    If you have an on-going theme that keeps coming up
    If you struggle with self-worth and deserving
    If your relationships are not what you want
    If your wealth-potential thermostat is stuck in low
    If you’re struggling with personal issues that raise their ugly head
    If you’re seeking clarity as to your purpose
    If you’re seeking clarity around an issue
    If you struggle with body image or health & wellness
    If you’re ready to break free of stuck energy that keeps you off-balance
    If you are at the point of transformation into a new way of being
    If you feel an inner gnawing that says ‘awaken!’
    If you KNOW there’s more for you
    If you struggle with worth and deserving
    If you simply need a safe place to vent & land
    If you desire a confidential space in which to share your thoughts & emotions
    If you’re looking for an accountability coach
    If you want to gain some fresh perspective
    If you want to work with a life coach with over 3 decades experience
    If you want REAL transformational success…

    …the 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching may be exactly what you need.

    Here’s the meat: With over 30 years of experience working as a women’s empowerment consultant and life coach to a spectrum of clientele from struggling teen moms to ‘A’ list celebrities, there is nothing I haven’t seen, heard, or successfully worked with. And because you’re here reading this, I will share a little insider secret: In 100% of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with, a sense of self-worth and deserving are at the core of every malady that gnaws at her well-being. In other words, self-esteem, self-worth, feeling undeserving are the key issues to conquer, and once this energy is addressed and cleared, the outcome is fabulously positive!

    My trade secret toolbox is filled with the tools to tackle any job. In fact, more than a toolbox, it’s a treasure chest! And when you receive my unsurpassed expertise, you’ll hold the key to access that empowering treasure trove!

    Imagine, never again having to feel as if you don’t know how to get on track, and achieve anything you wish to be. have, or do….

    Imagine your life when you have at your disposal, all the tools to support you in life…. 

    If you are thinking it’s time to attract a coach who can help you cement a sense of certainty of achieving any goal, you would be wise to start here….

    If your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are seemingly at odds,
    this is the place for merging the energy.

    Would you like to release limitations you’ve harbored for too long?
    What if you learned to let go of the old and make room for the new?
    What if, once and for all, you owned your worth?
    What if you decided to give yourself permission to allow abundance of all things?

    Decide to commit to 90 days for $2997,
    while spaces last.

    This is what it looks like:

    When you make the decision to purchase the 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching using the secure PayPal button on this page, as soon as your payment is processed you will arrive at my personal schedule. There, you will schedule our first session, either on Skype* or telephone.

    If there are no times that suit your needs, send me an email and we’ll work out the details that way. Time zones being what they are, we sometimes need to adjust the schedule, and that’s not a problem on this end.

    *If using Skype, be certain to request contact prior to our scheduled session.

    When we first connect, we will set the ground rules, and clarify the primary outcome you are seeking. You’ll leave the first contact session with some initial steps to complete prior to our next meeting, one week later.

    We’ll end the first session with a set appointment for one week later, for session #2.

    As a participant in the 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching, you will have one session each week for the first 3 weeks of each month. You will also receive ‘homework’ to complete prior to our next meeting. Plan on this being a time investment in your expansive development that may mean indulging yourself in 5-10 additional hours each week, outside of our sessions. It’s immersive, and at times will challenge you! We will systematically peel back the layers to reveal the authentic voice of who you were before you began protecting yourself with layers of psychological protection.

    Together, we’ll lift the masks and release the shackles that hold you small….

    During the final week of each month, you will not be receiving coaching. This is a reflective period. However, during this reflective period, you may be completing personalized tasks related to your desired outcome.

    This process is purely subjective, meaning that because each individual coaching client has a completely unique set of challenges and desires, your coaching is customized and personalized to reflect that individuality.

    We will start where you are.

    In the end, you will have attended at least 9 Deep Dive Coaching sessions of approximately 55 minutes each, and you will have received innumerable, highly valuable evergreen tools for your self-love toolbox!

    These proprietary tools will last you a lifetime!

    Most importantly, you’ll receive clarity and inspiration to guide you into your future!

Most people fail to meet their goals.

This is a harsh truth. Most people do fail to reach their goals, and that does not mean you need to be a statistic of the failure category.

People fail, because on average, they spend less time consciously creating a life plan than they spend on planning one summer vacation!

The first step in achieving any goal, is to decide.


The most important word in the English language may be “decide.”

Decide means to “cut away” and in this case, to decide to click the secure PayPal button means you have cut away the options of remaining stuck, of failure, of not making any substantial changes in your life.

When you decide to commit to the 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching Program,
you have decided to have a better life.

And the moment you commit, your transformation begins….

  • Decide on the goal.

    • What do you want your life to look like?
    • What area or behavior do you want to transform?
    • What do you want to do, be, or have?

    Once you’ve focused on a specific goal, decide to do whatever it takes to reach the goal you have decided on. And by the way, with practice comes perfection, and in time this will be a rinse and repeat process that anyone can master.

    Decide to invest in yourself.

    Decide to invest in the supportive (not coddling!) coaching that provides the expertise,  proprietary tools and techniques, and the accountability that will keep you on track and flourishing.

    Decide you are worth it.

    Sometimes I hear, “I can’t afford coaching.” The truth is, when factoring in the costs of staying stuck, it’s important to include the cost of living small, restricted. Because an even bigger truth is, every area of life is connected to how you feel about yourself. When you decide that you deserve to invest in yourself, and when you take the action to invest the time and money and effort to enhance your life, the universe supports that shift. And when you finally decide to invest in your overall self, every area improves. As a certified law of attraction expert, I can personally vouch for that law as being one of the biggest tools to success, and I can show you how to master the law of attraction so you can consistently create the events to support you. Once perfected, you will begin to see near miraculous results from the very small level manifestations, to the grandiose. In short, your investment in your shift will pay for itself a thousand times over.

    Not deciding, is a decision to remain stuck.

    Pro-actively deciding to make change in your life is perhaps the most empowering thing you can do.

    Not consciously deciding (-deciding by default!) is the most dis-empowering thing you can do.

    What will YOU decide?

The 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching offer is extremely limited due to time and space constraints.
  • Consider this:

    Why you want to achieve your desired outcome is important because it takes the focus off of how you’ll achieve that goal.

    The “why” is what propels your success….

    When you commit to the 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching Program,
    the how is solved and the why is inspired.

    What were you doing 90 days ago?
    Now…imagine your life 90 days from now when you sign up!

    What’s changed?
    How has your life transformed?
    How have YOU changed?

Still undecided?

Let me ask you something:

If you could have consciously created the life you desire, wouldn’t you have done it by now?
If you knew how to make the plan, wouldn’t you have done that by now?
If you had support from a coach with 3 decades experience, and the best tools in the business, and if you had those tools at your fingertips, what shift could you achieve?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time spinning in place,
and never seeing any positive results? 

Are you ready to own the role as navigator for your own life?

In 90 days or less, you will be on the pathway to your chosen outcome.
But only if you’re one of the select few to get in on this highly limited offer….

Here’s something else to consider:

You can invest in the 90 Deep Dive Coaching offer now and begin any time in the next 90 days.

Decide to make this the year you finally shine, the year when you release the internalized blocks and stop the excuses. Step into the life you were born to live.

…or do nothing. And nothing will change.

You decide.

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