The Winged-Women Website is undergoing a face lift…

Under Construction

Pardon our dust! Winged-Women is having a long overdue face lift to work out the wrinkles and streamline the content. It’s being done to ensure you have an enjoyable experience every time you visit the site. The truth is, there have been some intrusive, uninvited, and decidedly unwelcome changes made to the site. These issues are now being rectified. Rest assured that your information was never at risk from these changes, and remains safe.

We do anticipate re-opening the doors here within 45 days or less. During this interval, we send you love and light to keep you centered through this unusual time of shortages and social distancing, and in some cases, even quarantine that we have found ourselves in. May you and your loved ones remain safe and well and enlightened as we travel these yet chartered waters, focusing on the true human connections that most matter to us. We will get thru this trying time, and as always, as we look to the light, we will eventually discover Blessings in the Mire….

While you wait, you may want to visit the Winged-Women Academy for empowering courses you can participate in from your place of quarantine to help you own every facet of your unique self.

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